About Us

Rec Now is 3 in 1:

- Best Call Recorder
- The funniest voice changer
- Cheapest app for international and local calls

This is the easiest to use Call recorder app. Just open the app, dial the number and tap record. Thats all that you need. The whole conversation will be recorded automatically. After this you can manage your recordings, crop them and share or send them directly to your email.

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- This is the easiest to use call recorder app!
- Make cheap and unlimited call recordings just with 1 click!
- Change your voice!
- More then 10 types of voices!
- Through Rec Now you can record any outgoing calls !
- You don’t need to merge any calls!
- Just call and press record button while calling.
- No limits on how long you can record a call
- International and domestic calls


– Please before using our app read the privacy policy and the terms of service.
– Please check the local telephone recording laws before using the app.